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Aero Commander 680
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Specifications & Limitations

Length 35.1 ft
Wingspan 44.1 ft.
Range 1,217 NM
Passenger Capacity 5-7
Freight Capacity 350 lbs 
Cruise Speed 210 @ FL100
Ceiling 24,200 ft
Weight Empty 4,420 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight
7,000 lbs

The Aero Commander has unique and sorted history. 


Founded in 1944 by two former Douglas employees (Ted Smith being one), Aero Engineering Company and introduced the first AC 520 in 1948.  In 1950 they changed their name to Aero Design & Engineering Company introducing the AC680  in 1954. 


In 1960 Rockwell-Standard acquires the firm.  In 1962 Rockwell also acquires Intermountain Manufacturing who produced many famous Ag Sprayers including the CallAir 9 and later the Ag Commander A-9 which are as popular today as a crop dusters as they were 40 years ago.


In 1967 Rockwell merges with North American (the P-51 guys), and formed North American Rockwell with the Aero Commander and Crop Dusters becoming part of the General Aviation Division.


Then, in 1971 North American Rockwell in partnership with Industrias Unidasforms forms Aeronautica Agricola Mexicana SA and takes over the Crop Duster production.


In 1980 Rockwell sold the General Aviation Division (Aero Commander), to Gulfstream who in turn dumps the company in 1988 to Commander Aircraft.


Through all this the Aero Commander was last produced in 1980.  Today, Commander Aircraft is known for the Commander 115 series.


Did you know the AC680 was the smallest air Force One (1956-1960).


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