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Maule M-7-260

Specifications & Limitations

Stall Speed
1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel
35 kts / 40 mph
Takeoff distance:
1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel
250 ft
Takeoff distance:
GW over 50' obstacle:
600 ft
Landing distance:
GW over 50' obstacle:
500 ft
Length 23.6 ft
Wingspan 32.11 ft.
Range ~600 nm
Passenger Capacity 5
Freight Capacity 890 lbs
Cruise Speed 142 kts / 164 mph
Ceiling 20,000 ft
Weight Empty 1,610 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight
2,500 lbs
Data: Maule Air Inc.

Installation Notes:
To install the AGL livery you have to download the aircraft from FSNordic website using the link to the right in "Original Model and Updates". It is a big package but you are in fact downloading six aircraft models at the same time: Amphibian, Spring Gear, Taildragger, Tri-Cycle, Tundra Wheel and Wheel-Ski versions. There are three files you need to install first: the FULL PACKAGE version 1.0 (60mB), the UPDATE to version 1.1 (24mB) and the MISSING NOSE GEAR TEXTURES (25kB). After you have installed the original aircraft model then you download and install the AGL textures. Take a look at the "readme.txt" file included in each AGL texture zip files. Contact the Fleet Manager if you require assistance.

FS Model :
Over 19.000 downloads since it was released last December, 2003 attest to the quality of this freeware aircraft for FS2004. Despite the large download size, the six different models, the two panel and sound sets available and the documentation included are worth the time. It flies beautifully and its STOL flight characteristics make it a very nice addition to the Altair Global Logistics fleet, especially to our Alaskan PANC hub. There is a review available for this model on Avsim, here.

The Aircraft:
The Maule M-7-260, equipped with 260 hp Lycoming IO-540-V4A5 engine, is the most powerful model in the Maule fleet. It can easily be outfitted for work and for luxurious cross-country cruising. With its fast cruise speed and slow stall speed, the M-7-260 is a very comfortable and safe travel airplane. The 260hp engine also nicely enhances performance of amphibious float equipped M-7ís.


Author M.Maliniemi, K.Virtanen, I.Grant, R.Horelli, A.Swindle, S.Grant, T.Foosnes

Altair Weavers & Painters Guild

Date Added Aug 4th, 2004
Original Model and Updates:
60 mB
24 mB
25 kB
Texture Files:
- Spring Gear
- Taildragger
- Tri-Cycle
- Wheel Ski
280 kB  
Texture Files:
- Amphibian
305 kB  
Texture Files:
- Tundra Tires
279 kB  
Alternate Panel
13 kB Alternate panel.cfg to have the radio tune the 1200 transponder code when choosing VFR. The default plane tunes the european 7000 VFR code.
Pilot Handbook
Real World Manufacturer
Maule Air Inc.
Aircraft Pictures